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Eighty years ago today, Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese naval forces. Remember. 

The old I said Frankincense not Frankenstein cartoon was put out a day or so ago.  I first saw it close to fifty years ago.  It was mentioned and gifted in a Hallmark Christmas movie recently  

Harris County Department of Education Trustee Erica Davis is running for Harris County Judge against Judge Lina Hidalgo in the Democratic Party primary.  I don’t think I have run into a Democrat who thinks Judge Hidalgo is not doing a good job. Sure, there have been missteps like the recent dumb contract deal. She should have fired a couple or so staffers.   

I have no idea why Trustee Davis is running and who is behind her. Evan Mintz thinks Harris County Constable Alan Rosen has a hand in this.  I guess we will find out.    

G. Shaw posted this after my mention yesterday on the race for Chair of the Texas Democratic Party: 

One has to laugh at the trouble the Texas Democratic Party is having with “Hispanic messaging.” Hasn’t Commentary been doing that his whole life? Didn’t Commentary handle the outreach for Mark White victorious campaign for governor? Hasn’t Commentary shown that he can put together a Hispanic messaging campaign for moderate progressive (“mod-prog” I like it) candidates. The type that could win as a D in Texas? Got no reason to stroke Commentary’s ego. I sell real estate, not candidates, for a living. Just saying what I think. But hey, what do I know. 

Thank you kindly. Commentary has been on the outs of those running the Texas Democratic Party for over a couple of decades now. I have gotten used to it. I said it time and time again.  They aren’t really running the Party. They have been running it into the ground.  

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