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MLB Lockout 

Oh, brother.  MLB owners are locking out MLB players.  We know how this is going to end.  The players will come out on top.  Nobody ever asks owners for an autograph. Owners aren’t on baseball cards.  You don’t wear a team jersey with the owner’s name on it.  I have never heard of the MLB Commissioner getting cheered at any baseball stadium.  When I pay $13 for a Saint Arnold at The Yard, I blame the front office, not the players’ clubhouse. 

MLB owners can’t afford a delay to Opening Day.  They will fold.  

CNN took Chris Cuomo off the air. It was the right move for CNN.  I don’t blame Chris Cuomo for trying to help his big brother.  I don’t see him returning to CNN. They ought to give his prime-time slot to a female. Just saying. 

Tim Bacon sent me this on Sen. Larry Taylor chickening out of running for reelection: 

I can only smile with pleasure at learning that Mr. Larry Taylor will leave the legislature. He did nothing except work to mute any progressive action. Want good public schools? Taylor didn’t. 

The MLB Commissioner sent fans a letter explaining their position on the lockout. Fu_k him. 

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