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A PAC created for HISD campaigns in 2021 can’t claim full campaign finance disclosure and openness when it comes to the current races.  A couple of weeks ago or so, Commentary mentioned a new PAC that was created to play in the 2021 HISD races. It is called Patriot Majority Texas and is funded by the American Federation of Teachers to the tune of $150,000 at last count. 

The PAC files its campaign activity reports with the Texas Ethics Commission. It filed its first activity report a couple of days ago.  It is involved in three HISD races including HISD Trustee District 1. The PAC is supporting Trustee Elizabeth Santos. 

In the activity report, the PAC listed an expense in the amount of $63,075.43 to Second Street Strategies for Field Organizing Services on behalf of Trustee Santos. 

Here is the deal. Under the Texas Ethics Commission guidelines, if a reporting entity uses the Field Organizing Services category in its expense report, it can pretty much avoid detailing the expense activity. The entity doesn’t have to provide detailed costs for printing, paid canvassers, mail, supervisors, grub, consulting fees – you get the pictures.  In this instance, HISD Trustee District 1 voters like Commentary, really don’t know how the $63,075.43 was spent. It is just listed as a $63,075.43 expense for Field Organizing Services. It is a way to avoid full disclosure.  

Commentary also could not find much on Second Street Strategies.  They have an H-Town P.O. Box in 77067 and that is all I know about them. 

Make what you want of this. If you are a Democrat, who supports full disclosure on campaign expense openness, you ought to be disappointed on how this is being reported.  If you are ok with this, well, I can’t help you then.   

Now it is three nights of the racist chop in The ATL. The media asked the idiot MLB commissioner about the racist chop, and he said Native Americans in The ATL region were ok with it. What a load of crap. 

The Series is tied, but you knew that. 

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