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Happy Birthday, Carol!

Lately when I have seen the word “badass”, it is associated with women. Not the fellas. That’s the way it is. Commentary had absolutely nothing to do with that. When it comes to Texas Democratic Party players, State Sen. Carol Alvarado is the top badass hands down. As far as I am concerned, she’s the leader of our Democratic Party in Texas. Badass. 

Her filibuster this past summer was Texas Democratic Party leadership on full display. 

We all know she works hard; she’s prepared and has a strong work ethic second to none. She is one of the smartest persons I know who doesn’t flaunt it and still desires to know more.  

She’s been a Democratic Party precinct chair, DNC member, Democratic Party National Delegate, H-Town City Council Member, Mayor Pro Tem, State Representative, House Committee Chair, State Senator and Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus.  She’s served on Boards like NALEO, Planned Parenthood and Sunshine Kids to name a few. 

She is out in her community. She shows up. She delivers.   

I met Sen. Alvarado 33 years ago when she volunteered on a couple of campaigns, I was handling in the 1988 Democratic Primary.  It didn’t take longs for us to become friends. Today, I consider her one of my closest friends. 

She is witty.  Has a sense of humor. Can take a joke. Great with the comeback and put down lines.   

She is as real a deal as you can find.   

It is a special day for her today. It’s her birthday and Game 1 of the 2021 World Series that will be played at The Yard.  I saw a tweet the other day where someone said when they think about the Astros, they also think about Sen. Alvarado.  Among our group text called the Baseball Buddies, Sen. Alvarado is the only one among us who routinely stays up to watch the entire games played on the West Coast on a weekday. Instead of clicking on the internet to find the Astros score the morning, I will just look at my text messages. 

She is as avid an Astros fan as there is.   

Happy Birthday to Sen. Carol Alvarado! 

From the Good to Know Department, check this tweet: 

Tressie McMillan Cottom 


For those new to the Hallmark Christmas Movie Universe (HCMU, as it were), don’t fall for the early start. They dump all the duds early in the season with a few exceptions to tease you. It’s starts getting good next week

I can wait a week. 

It’s on. For the H. 

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