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Need The Hex Lady

This is from yesterday’s Chron Editorial: 

While the incumbent has failed to provide the steady leadership that the school board so badly needs, Janette Garza Lindner, 45, is a strong candidate with a fierce inner drive we believe she can channel into good governance. 

103 voted in person yesterday in the HISD Trustee District 1 race.  

Four years ago, in November of 2017, close to 15,000 voted by mail in Harris County. We had constitutional amendments on the ballot, some City of H-Town propositions, HISD and HCC trustee races, and other local elections. 29,000 mail ballots have been returned as of yesterday for the November 2 election.  You can thank the Harris County Elections Administrator for the nearly 100% increase in mail ballot voting.  They sent out applications to those voters 65 and older this past August. 

The racist voter suppression GOP legislators are taking this option off the table for future elections. Think about that. 

We are down 2 to 1, but it feels like 200 to 1.  We need our pitching to step it up. 

Three Red Sox grand salamis. Sigh. 

We need the Astros hex lady to do her stuff. 

Zack Greinke goes today.  It is a must game for sure. 

For the H.

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