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Early Voting Today 

We lost a great American. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is no longer with us. He was fully vaccinated and died of COVID-19. The folks around Bush 43 did him wrong when they sent to the UN on false info on WMDs.  

The Chron E-Board put out their endorsements again this morning and led off with Janette Garza Lindner for HISD Trustee District 1.  Go vote. 

Early Voting in Person starts today for the HISD and HCC Trustee races, the 8 proposed state constitutional amendments and other local races across Harris County and the state. 

We have quite a few early voting locations including some drive-thru, plus a late night and 24-hour day next week. Around HISD District 1, new locations include the West End Multi Service Center on Heights on the Walmart side of I-10.  We also have the HCC Northline Campus as a new EV location.  Moody Park will serve as a drive-thru EV location. Last I heard, folks were still dying from COVID-19, so drive-thru is necessary. 

I was watching Fox 26’s Greg Groogan on “What’s Your Point” yesterday and he had a gaffe of sorts. He referred to former HPD Chief Art Acevedo as a “former elected official” during his time in H-Town. That’s funny. 

I don’t think a lot of folks thought The ATL would be 2-0 over the Dodgers in the NLCS. 

Our text group kind of got national exposure when I texted it wasn’t necessary for TBS to air Albert Pujol’s Game 5 2005 NLCS dinger when he came up to bat last night. The 2005 dinger happened during an elimination game. Last night’s was not. 

We lost Lance McCullers, Jr. for the ALCS. The Red Sox had two grand salamis off our pitching Saturday.  We are at one apiece heading into Fenway this evening. 

For the H. 

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