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E-Board Strikes 

There are five HISD trustee races on the ballot this November. Five incumbent trustees are running. The Chron E-Board endorsed three of the incumbents: Sue Deigaard, Myrna Guidry and Holly Flynn Vilaseca. 

They endorsed Janette Garza Lindner over incumbent Elizabeth Santos and Mac Walker over Anne Sung. 

Here is from today’s E-Baord take: 

In unruly classrooms and school boards alike, you’ve got good kids, you’ve got troublemakers, and then you’ve got the good kids who, for some reason, follow the troublemakers down a path to mischief. 

That was Anne Sung in 2018. Amid the HISD board’s dysfunction, this Harvard-educated, former award-winning HISD physics teacher and strong advocate for special education whom we had enthusiastically endorsed for District VII trustee joined colleagues who met secretly with former Superintendent Abe Saavedra, which state officials say violated Texas’ open meetings law. Three days later she voted to swap Saavedra for interim Superintendent Grenita Lathan. 

Sung apologized and said she only wanted Saavedra’s advice on state oversight issues and didn’t know of plans to hire him until moments before she voted for it. 

“I didn’t understand what was happening,” she told us. We don’t know what’s worse – premeditating a school board coup or hastily voting for it, without public input, after two minutes’ deliberation

A 2019 vote to end HISD’s contract with Teach for America after 30 years didn’t restore our faith. 

Incumbents only lose our endorsement when there’s a qualified replacement and luckily there’s Mac Walker

Oh, well. 

All the Dem groups like Sung.

I really don’t care who the other teams are in the playoffs. I saw the game last night. I don’t care. 

I do care about tonight’s Game 1 of the ALCS as we host the Red Sox. 

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