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It is somewhat amusing that an anonymous twitter account would accuse someone for not fully disclosing information.

I saw this tweet yesterday:


Is it ethical for the @HoustonChron editorial board to endorse a candidate and fail to mention she is besties with head of the editorial board @ChronFalkenberg

Here is what I will say about this. Lisa Falkenberg is the head of the editorial board. To my knowledge, there has never been an instance where her ethics have been questioned. Period.

The editorial board screening took place last week via Zoom with all three HISD Trustee District 1 candidates participating. Lisa Falkenberg was not a participant.

Lisa is a pro. She knows how to conduct herself.

Meanwhile, this twitter account is anonymous.

Who do you think wins the ethics argument?

Does anyone pay attention to Greg Abbott’s executive orders these days?  

The Dodgers and Giants play this evening to see who makes it to the NLCS. 

The Astros and the Red Sox play Game 1 of the ALCS tomorrow night. 

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