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Dangerous Clown

Flip-flop.  A dangerous flip-flop. That is what we got from the GOP moronic Texas Gov. Greg Abbott yesterday. He is a dangerous clown for sure.  This arsehole has lost respect across the spectrum.  Nobody I know respects this idiot. Texas businesses are going to do what they must do to survive. They are not going to pay attention to Abbott.  He is becoming more and more a danger to us all. Abbott has made it clear that he can’t handle a major crisis. 

Commentary has made it clear that I don’t think much of former HPD Chief Art Acevedo. Neither does Miami. Acevedo’s big mouth cost him his gig in Miami.  I am not surprised. That guy let’s his mouth do his thinking.  I wonder if there is loser law enforcement agency out there who will hire him?

Good for the H-Town Mayor for pulling down the affordable housing project that caused a mess over at City Hall. That was a losing initiative and a bad deal for sure. It blew up in his face big time and he had no choice but to dump it. Scoreboard for the former housing director on this one. 

The Mayor’s announcement on scuttling this lousy proposition got the Chron E-Board to do a take on this today, so there are no HISD trustee endorsements this morning to discuss. 

At about 1 pm this afternoon, a lot of us here in H-Town will be focused on the flat screen watching Game 4 of the ALDS. Our ace, Lance McCullers, Jr. will be our starter. 

For the H. 

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