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HISD Ballot Mistake

If this had happened to one of my candidates, I would be livid.  This is from the Chron: 

A candidate for the Houston ISD Board of Education said Friday his name has been printed incorrectly on ballots and county elections officials said it is too late to change the name. 

Lee “Mac” Walker, running for the district 7 seat, said the issue came to his attention last weekend when a voter emailed to ask if he was on the ballot. The voter sent him a picture of the ballot, which showed his legal name, Lee Walker, instead of the nickname he has gone by and campaigned under, he said. 

Walker’s notarized application shows he wrote he wanted his name to be displayed as Mac Walker on the ballot, according to district records. The application has a notary’s stamp on the bottom. A sample ballot shows his name appears as Lee Walker. 

My full name is Lee Macerlaen Walker. I have gone by Mac since the day I was born. My school board candidate application requested that I be on the ballot as “Mac Walker,” as allowed by law, and as verified and notarized by HISD staff.  Somehow, HISD chose to ignore my application and list me as “LEE WALKER”. 

Here is what Walker put out on his website: 

Errors like this can cost a candidate the election. The District 7 incumbent won by 27 votes in 2016.  Every vote counts!  

Harris County took 4 days to decide that they did not have enough time or resources to fix this ballot error, as outlined in the Secretary of State’s protocols for such events. I have asked (again) that HISD and Harris County make the necessary correction to the ballot. Let’s see how they respond…   

In the meantime, rather than complain about election integrity and the disenfranchisement of District 7 voters – many of whom have already contacted me and are rightfully confused – I am moving forward.   

Keep an eye on my social media accounts for updates!  

I am still the best candidate in the field, and now, as this three-letter swap illustrates, you can understand why I am even more fired up about the decisions HISD leaders make every day and the 200,000 students they are educating!   

For those of you who are not familiar with ballot applications, there is a section on how you want your name to be on the ballot. Like if your name is Robert, but you go by Rob or Bob, or Bobby, you write down what you go by if you want. 

HISD didn’t forward that section for Walker over to the Harris County Elections Administrators office.  That was sloppy on the part of HISD.  They obviously don’t have controls in place to make sure this doesn’t happen, because it did. What a shame and outrage. 

The arsehole GOP Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan is being called a RINO by Donald Trump. The former Chair of the Texas GOP Allen West has been vociferously opposed to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.  He got COVID-19 last week and is in the hospital.  He is now railing against the vaccine from his hospital bed.  That’s your GOP 2021 folks. Fu_king idiots. 

My “Wizard of Oz” wall calendar for October has a picture of one of the flying monkeys with the quote “Why, my little party’s just beginning” by the Wicked Witch. 

My Beatles calendar has a 1968 photo of the four sitting down prior to the release of the White Album.  

There were two unusual plays last night that I don’t think I had ever seen in MLB or baseball for that matter.  The ground rule double off a Red Sox player that prevented the Rays from scoring and the throw to home by Yuli Gurriel that hit the batter-baserunner.   

When we fell behind 9-6 my thought was they must beat us today and Wednesday to prevent us from advancing to the ALCS.   

It is a 2:30 pm first pitch today. 

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