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Playoff Time 

On the H-Town City Hall mess.  Here is what the Mayor said yesterday:  

“We have weathered together many storms and challenges over my last six years. Many. This is another and it is important to weather. I will weather this one for future leaders who will come behind me and if you allow me to say this, who look like me. … It’s important for me to weather this storm for the future leaders who will sit in this chair, who may look like me, and that’s important to me.” 

Huh? I kind of wish he would not go there. When is he going to put out the info on the former housing director?

It is MLB Playoff time in H-Town.  This will be the 15th year we have played in the post season. This will be our fifth straight year in the playoffs. We started playing MLB baseball in H-Town in 1962 and first made the playoffs in 1980.  Our first ever playoff game was against the Phillies.  We have also played in the post season against the Dodgers, Mets, The ATL, Padres, San Luis, White Sox, Yankees, Royals, Cleveland, Red Sox, Rays, Nationals, Twins and A’s. 

We have played in 25 playoff series ranging from one to seven games.  We have won 12 series and lost 13. 

Jose Altuve’s 18 post season dingers has him tied at 6th with Mickey Mantle and Reggie Jackson for career post season dingers. Carlos Correa is right behind with 17 post season dingers. 

Commentary has been to 46 post season games at the Dome and at The Yard. I think. 

Best post season game I attended was Game 5 of the 2017 World Series.   

Let’s do it this afternoon. For the H. 

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