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MLB Playoffs 

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was lobbied during a potty break in a bathroom. Some folks think that was in bad form.  She doesn’t get any sympathy from Commentary. The country is on fire and she is being derelict. She is abandoning the folks who voted her into office. The Arizona Democratic U.S. senator needs to get on the program.  It will only get worse. 

Some folks are going after Texas Lieutenant Governor candidate Matthew Dowd for deleting his past tweets. If I were his consultant, I would have told him to delete them.  If you don’t want someone to read your past tweets, delete them.  There is nothing un-American about that. 

I have not been to The Yard to watch the Astros play since Game 7 of the 2019 World Series.  We have start times for the first three games of the ALDS. 3 pm on Thursday and 1 pm on Friday at The Yard, and 7 pm on Sunday in Chicago.  A prime-time game on Sunday.   

The Wild Card games start tonight with the Red Sox hosting the Yankees at Fenway. The Dodgers will host San Luis tomorrow night in LA in the NL Wild Card game. 

Honestly, I really don’t care who wins the other playoff games. Dodgers, Giants, San Luis, The ATL, Brewers, Yankees, Red Sox or Rays. I am of the H-Town versus everyone mindset.  If we play our game, another World Series title can happen. 

There will be a team pep rally later this morning outside of H-Town City Hall.  I can’t make it. 

It is cool that we are in the playoffs for the fifth straight year. This never gets old.  Commentary likes this time of the year.  October baseball and H-Town.  It doesn’t get any better.  For the H.

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