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Laura Murillo 

My good friend Laura Murillo is on the front page of today’s Chron business section Texas Inc.  I think that is a first for a Latina. Maybe.  Here is the article: Q&A: Hispanics drive the local economy 12 months a year (houstonchronicle.com).  

Very cool.  

Laura is one of H-Town’s key civic and business leaders. She works her you know what off. She has done a spectacular job this past decade or so building up the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

She is also a huge local sports fan.  Back in 2017, State Sen. Carol Alvarado, former State Rep. Rick Noriega, Laura and myself, watched Game 7 of the 2017 World Series together at 8th Wonder Brewery.  Laura and Rick are a thing now if you know what I mean. 

State Rep. Chris Paddie tweeted this as a response to Scott Braddock reporting that at the Women’s Rally in H-Town, folks were chanting “F_ck Greg Abbott”:  

With respect to all, I am really concerned about the erosion of civility in politics. Disagreement is a necessary part of our political process, but we can be passionate & even partisan in our positions without resorting to rude & uncivil discourse. We all have to be better. 

Shut up you punk moron.  How often did you tweet about Donald Trump’s erosion of civility in politics?

This A-Hole is one of the reasons we still have a huge problem with the electric grid. Fu_k Paddie. He is worthless. 

Congrats to Yuli Gurriel for winning the AL batting title with a .319 batting average.   

We are in the MLB playoffs for the fifth consecutive year.  We have home field advantage in the ALDS which begins on Thursday at The Yard. We host the White Sox.  MLB has not announced starting times past the Wild Card games. 

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