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The Texas House of Representatives redistricting plan was released yesterday. They really did a number on State Rep. District 148.  It is unrecognizable. The Heights is completely out of it, as is the Northside. It has a part of Garden Oaks and goes northwest from there. It is just about a brand new 148. 

It is still a Democratic district, but nothing like it looks today.  

The Heights is split up with the eastern chunk going to State Rep. District 145 – Rep. Christina Morales, the western part going to District 134 – Rep. Ann Johnson, and a sliver just north of White Oak going to District 147 – Rep. Garnet Coleman. Rep. Morales will represent most of the Heights 

State Rep. District 145 gains the Heights, Near Northside, Lindale Park, North Lindale and Independence Heights. It loses a lot of its current southeast part. HD 145 also loses Mason Park to HD 143. HD 143 – Rep. Ana Hernandez – also stretches east into Baytown, including my Dad’s precinct. 

Commentary is now in District 145. 

This racist arsehole is a clown for sure. I am talking about Gov. Greg Abbott. Here is from the Chron: 

Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday directed lawmakers to reverse a part of the massive voting restriction and reform package that he signed into law just three months ago that would have reduced penalties for illegal voting. 

Hearst Newspapers earlier this month reported on the little-noticed provision, which lowered the criminal offense for illegal voting from a second-degree felony to a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail. 

Abbott’s flip-flop comes the day after former President Donald Trump pressured him to add a measure requiring an audit of 2020 Texas election results to the Legislature’s agenda in the special session that began Sept. 20. Abbott has so far declined to do so. 

Senate Bill 1 had also made a slight change to require that a person charged with illegal voting must have done so either “knowingly,” as the law currently states, or “intentionally.” Abbott did not make mention of that provision in his call. 

Even some GOPers think Abbott is a moronic idiot.    

We clinched the AL West last night.  We have been AL West Champs four out of the last five years.  Now we have to win one this weekend against the A’s, to clinch the home field advantage in the ALDS against the White Sox that begins next Thursday. 

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