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Designated Frontrunner? 

On the day Matthew Dowd announced for Lieutenant Governor in the 2022 Texas Democratic Primary, the campaign manager for the Mike Collier Campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for Lieutenant Governor smacked Dowd.  Here is the smack courtesy of the Chron: 

“After 20 years working to elect Republicans across the country, we welcome Matthew Dowd back to the Democratic Party,” said Ali S. Zaidi, Collier’s campaign manager. “Mr. Dowd — you may notice things have changed a lot since you were working for Republicans. Democratic voters will be interested to hear how selling a false war, ensuring the deciding Supreme Court vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, and leading the charge to pass numerous anti-marriage equality ballot measures have shaped your current views.” 

It wasn’t 20 years.  I guess the Collier campaign just designated Dowd as the frontrunner.  Why else would you slap him around?  If you are running against an incumbent, you hit.  Dowd isn’t the incumbent.  Heck, he’s never run for office. The Collier campaign must feel threatened by a Dowd campaign. 

Here is what the well-respected Texas Democratic guru Harold Cook tweeted yesterday about this: 

Well somebody must be worried – they emptied the oppo file on Matthew Dowd on his first day running. 

I don’t if I would have gone the Collier campaign route.  What do I know? Oh, I do know something. I have actually been involved in a few winning Democratic statewide campaigns in Texas.  That’s probably more than just about anyone involved in a statewide campaign at the present. 

Thanks for asking. Jimmy Carter for President in 1976, Mark White for Governor in 1982 and Sen. Lloyd Bentsen’s reelection in 1988.   

What do I know?  

I know. 

I don’t know about this from the Chron over the mess at City Hall: 

Mayor Sylvester Turner is swinging back at his former housing director who last week accused him of steering affordable housing money to a developer. 

Turner said he will present information about former Director Tom McCasland’s management of the Housing and Community Development Department that he said will “help explain that show last week.” He said he plans to do so before a joint meeting of City Council’s housing and budget committees next week. 

The exact nature of the information, which Turner said he received Tuesday, was not clear, although he suggested McCasland was withholding information from the administration. 

“It’s important for me to make sure I have information from my directors to know how to run this city, and if there are major developments that are taking place within your department and you’re not making that information available, and you know that eventually it will come to light, you don’t have the luxury of putting forth smoke screens,” Turner said. 

Here is the entire read: In defense of project at center of allegations, Turner goes on offense against former housing director (houstonchronicle.com). 

Bad move if you ask Commentary. I don’t know who is advising the Mayor.  If you go after McCasland for not doing a good job, you are just letting folks know you made a very bad hire. I wouldn’t go there. 

We need to clinch tonight. Do it For the H! 

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