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Dowd Running 

It is now official.  Matthew Dowd is running for Lieutenant Governor of Texas as a Democrat.  Here is the full Texas Tribune story: Matthew Dowd, former George W. Bush strategist, runs for Texas lt. governor | The Texas Tribune. 

I am curious to see how the Democratic Party elected officials and activists will react to Dowd’s candidacy. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Matthew is a very smart fella.  I am certain he has thought this thing through and knows what he is up against. I am sure he is building an exceptional campaign team. 

Texas Democratic Primary voters now get to choose a candidate to run against that racist arsehole Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.   

I am sure we will all have plenty to say about this race in the next few months. 

51% of Texas voters say the racist arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott doesn’t deserve to be reelected in 2022 according to the latest Quinnipiac poll.  The jig is up so to speak. Folks have had it with Trump’s lapdog.  He’s not handling business. What a fu_king moron. 

On this election audit stuff, Commentary is glad to see Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo tell Gov. Abbott to just fu_k off. Go to hell you MFer. We are not having any of this sham audit crap. 

We all know this audit isn’t legitimate. I said the other day that Abbott himself signed off on the election last year.  There is nothing to audit.  

What we really need to do is audit how far Abbott has his nose up Trump’s arse.  Abbott does a real good job of humiliating himself. Pitiful. 

While we are watching the Astros try to clinch the AL West, San Luis is setting the baseball world on fire. They are now on a 17-game winning streak. They are in the MLB playoffs as the second NL Wild Card team. 

Wow! Did you check out last night’s walk-off walk win. Back-to-back walks brought in the tying and winning runs. Our magic number is now 1. 

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