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Sorry for the delay. It has been a hectic morning. Another appointment this morning with one of my Dad’s doctors in Webster. 

Then I took him to get his COVID-19 booster at Methodist Baytown. It went smoothly. They were very efficient. This time the wait is 10 minutes to see if there is a bad reaction. Folks were showing up to get their shot. 

Go check out Miya Shay’s story on Channel 13 news on the fight over at the Spring Branch Independent School District on school board governance. Spring Branch Latinos filed a suit for single member districts. At SBISD, they have an all at-large system.  Exceptional story by Miya. Those folks in Spring Branch do not give a rat’s arse about Latino voices being silenced. They are Trump voters and that is how they roll these days.

A resident of Harris County Commissioner Precinct 2 got a text poll last evening. It focused on defeated GOP County Commissioner Jack Mormon versus Commissioner Adrian Garcia. Whoever conducted the poll wants to measure today. The precinct will look different after redistricting for sure. 

Speaking of redistricting, the GOP proposed Texas congressional maps were laid out yesterday and let us be clear. The GOP does not give one sh_t about the growth of people of color in Texas. Our growth is the only reason Texas gets two new congressional districts, but the GOP completely ignores this fact. Fu_k the GOP. 

In the proposed maps, Commentary is now in the 29th Congressional District.   

Go check out Off The Kuff on the Dave Wilson returning to the HCC Board issue here: I regret to inform you that Dave Wilson will be back on the HCC Board of Trustees – Off the Kuff. 

Good explanation by Charles.  

Terribly sad and disgusting. 

We host the AL East Division champs Rays tonight and our magic number is still a stubborn 2. 

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