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GOP Dumb 

Sissy Farenthold is no longer with us.  I cast my first ever vote for Texas Governor for Sissy in May of 1972.  She will be missed but never forgotten. 

Here is what the arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott told Chris Wallace from Fox News yesterday on the election audits that were announced last Thursday afternoon:  

“They actually began months ago because the secretary of state of Texas has an obligation to make sure that we do conduct audits in the state of Texas.” 

What a dumbsh_t liar. The folks from the Secretary of State’s office are clueless as to what is going on.  They are like the rest of us Texas in terms of what in the heck is an audit.  There are no provisions in the Texas election code for an audit. 

Commentary knows something about elections in Texas. From top to bottom and beginning to end there are systems in place to prevent fraud. Check out the election code that spells out how to conduct every type of election in Texas. 

For the 2020 November election for state and federal offices, you know who is the official who signs the final canvass to say everything checks out fair and square?  The Governor.  Now the idiot wants a so-called audit on an election he’s already signed off on.  This jerk is a four star moron.

Speaking of morons, the right-wing nut jobs on Fox 26’s “What’s Your Point” yesterday were asked about Abbott’s election audits and one of them said the move was about “placating the base.” I will give the nut job credit for being honest.  

“What’s Your Point” host Greg Groogan said yesterday that President Joe Biden had an open border policy. Greg these days is drinking the GOP Kool-Aid that turns you into a dumbsh_t. 

The Chron E-Board today called Greg Abbott Donald Trump’s “lapdog” and called Trump Abbott’s “master.”  

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo this past weekend said Texas state government was being run out of Mar-A-Lago. That’s funny. 

Also, on “What’s Your Point” the Harris County jail issue was brought up and the Breibart arsehole said the State of Texas should consider taking over the Harris County jail. That’s hilarious.  The state can’t even handle the state prisons. 

That’s the problem with the GOP these days. The Trump takeover doesn’t allow for GOPers to do much thinking on their own. 

Very sad. 

We got swept in Oakland this past weekend.  We’ve lost four in a row.  We have today off.  Our magic number is two. 

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