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Dave Wilson’s Back 

The twice impeached, disgraced, creator of the Big Lie, Donald Trump has ordered an election audit of four counties in Texas. Our arsehole derelict Gov. Greg Abbott is fine with that. 

We have never had an election audit. How do they even work?  If they come ask me about the 2020 November election, they are getting a big fu_k you. 

Abbott is Trump’s punkarse hands down. Abbott is a weasel and a disgrace. 

Here is from the Trib: 

State Rep. Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie, responded to the secretary of state office’s announcement on Twitter late Thursday. 

“Let me be the first to congratulate the disgraced former president, Donald Trump, on his apparently becoming the new governor of Texas,” Turner tweeted. “Pitiful yet predictable that @GregAbbott_TX has capitulated to Trump yet again.” 

RG called Texas a banana republic today. 

Four Trump close associates have been subpoenaed by the January 6 House Select Committee.  Here is the thing. All four will have to shell out personal dough for legal representation while Trump dips into his campaign fund to pay for his lawyers. That’s how you run with Trump. Dumbsh_t suckers. 

Commentary was scrolling through the November 2 ballot for races in Harris County. I got to the HCC Trustee races and bam, I saw a Dave Wilson running in District 6.  Running unopposed. The district is on the westside.  Surely it had to be another Dave Wilson.  

I texted my friend, HCC Trustee Adrianna Tamez and she confirmed it was the same Dave Wilson.  How does this happen? 

Adrianna also said there was a write-in candidate also in that race. It really doesn’t matter. 

How does this happen? 

On the Messy City Hall thing, this is from the Chron: 

Mayor Sylvester Turner on Thursday ordered his legal department to review the affordable housing deal at the center of bombshell accusations by his former housing director that the mayor set up a “charade” of a competitive process to steer money to a developer

In a statement released by his office, Turner said City Attorney Arturo Michel, who reports to the mayor, will “review the allegations from top to bottom to determine whether there were any illegalities, fraud, conflicts of interests, violations of procedures, practices, and policies.” Michel will make his findings public, the mayor said. 

“My administration works extremely hard to avoid potential conflicts of interest, and I have not conducted business differently than any former mayor in the city of Houston,” Turner said in the statement. 

Here is the entire read: Turner orders legal review of housing deal at center of ‘charade’ claims by fired housing director (houstonchronicle.com). 

The Mayor reads the paper and he read yesterday’s Chron editorial where he got scorched.  He had to do something.  I don’t think Arturo is going to produce a product that will be anything like what the fired Housing Director Tom McCasland said the other day.  City Attorneys don’t do that to mayors. 

I really don’t think that Arturo’s findings will satisfy the critics of this deal.  Do you? 

We are 91-62 with 9 games to play. The only way we can end up winning 100 games is to win all our last 9 games. Our magic number remains at 3. 

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