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I must take my Dad to a scheduled medical appointment. I will post later. Thanks. 

It was remarkably interesting to see how the Muhammad Ali fights with Cleveland Williams and Ernie Terrell figured into last night’s documentary Round Two on The Greatest. I have mentioned before that I went to both fights at the Astrodome. The Astrodome was new then, and Ali was being shunned throughout the country over the draft issue. A scheduled fight at a Chicago venue was cancelled by then Mayor Richard Daley and that is how the Astrodome got not one, but two fights.

During this period, Ali claimed residence in H-Town and here is where he refused to be inducted into the military. He was tried and convicted in H-Town. 

They showed part of the fights last night and it was cool to see the old Gulf sign in the background.

My Dad has been dealing with an infection on both ankles all summer. We went to a doctor in Webster this morning, and we finally got some guidance that makes sense on how to deal with it. Hopefully.  

We have all these signs throughout H-Town with businesses needing employees. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of folks just outside of Del Rio begging to come into the USA looking for a job. What are we doing? Putting them on a plane and flying them home. We have to be better than that 

Our magic number is down to 6. 

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