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On Beto 

Commentary watched the Muhammad Ali documentary on PBS last night and it was outstanding.  Last night’s show was titled Round One. Tonight’s show is titled Round Two. 

It is going to be #BetoForTexas in 2022. He will be the one taking on Gov. Greg Abbott next year. I am sure GOP operatives are salivating on a Beto run. You know, the assault rifle ban thing.  The thing is, Abbott is not exactly in great shape these days. His far-right wing and hate filled policies do not sit well with the voters. He has botched the handling of the pandemic in Texas. He is not as popular as he was pre-pandemic. His poll numbers are tanking. 

Beto has also demonstrated that he can raise a ton of money and organize at the grassroots level.  

I am a tad uncomfortable with the fact that the 2022 Democratic Party statewide ticket is shaping up to be white dudes.  They are going to have to rely on a huge voter turnout from communities of color across the state to win.  I cannot fault them for running. If Democrats cannot produce a more diverse ticket, that is our fault. 

The Third Called Special Legislative Session starts today. The GOP Texas State Senate redistricting map was filed this past Saturday. It is a gerrymandered map on steroids for sure.  

Royko sent me this on my Sick GOP take: 

We do not fight to murder innocent babies so that Planned Parenthood can goolishly harvest the body parts for profit. 

We do not want to have an autocratic federal, state, or local Government regulate and tax every breath the law-abiding citizens take. 

We don’t want a continued invasion of illegal aliens, exempt from all the oppressive laws forced on citizens, and then to give them for free, all the taxpayer funded entitlements as well as amnesty, with chain migration. 

We don’t want the Maoist-influenced Party in power to encourage the chaos by ignoring the felonies of the miscreants, yet politically oppressing those who do not agree with them. The Department of Injustice is beyond corrupt. 

Nothing about accepting the results of elections. It all starts at the ballot box. 

These GOP guys are good about staying ahead of us. I learned this past weekend from the GOP Governor of Georgia that we have an AIDs vaccine. How come I didn’t know about that? I wonder if Royko knew. 

Our magic number is eight and we start our final roadie in Anaheim this evening. 

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