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Sick GOP

Scott Braddock of the Quorum Report tweeted out that the Texas State Senate redistricting maps being put together by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick will produce a 20-11 GOP over Democratic State Senate. That’s down from the current 18 GOP and 13 Democrats. I have not seen any maps, but I can only guess that Patrick is targeting SD 10 currently held by Democrat Sen. Beverly Powell and SD 19, currently held by Sen. Roland Gutierrez. What’s your guess?

According to the latest poll, a little over 70% of GOP voters are not accepting the results of the 2020 presidential race. That’s sick.  The current state of the GOP including most of its leadership is anti-Democracy and anti-freedom. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. Their quest to hold on to power and stay in office is a shameful disdain of the Constitution.  I have absolutely no respect for those who should know better.  They will go down in history as political cowards. Shame on them. 

Speaking of sick, here is this from an East Texas newspaper:

The Harrison County Republican Party’s executive committee recently voted, 9-1, to censure State Rep. Chris Paddie (R-Marshall). Local party chair Lee Lester said the vote was spurred by Paddie’s seemingly lack of support to the party’s platform. 

“He was censured in Harrison County,” said Lester. “We were kind of waiting to see if he did anything in this legislative session. We were hoping that he would, and we wouldn’t have to do anything, but he’s still not representing the people who sent him. 

“We’re in a representative republic, and he doesn’t represent us, so we have to do something,” said Lester. 

The local party chair said Paddie has been invited to their meetings several times to entertain questions about his representation of House District 9, to no avail. 

“He has not even responded to our request,” said Lester. 

Thus, in accordance with Rule 44 of the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas, the executive committee voted to move forward with the censure, having duly offered Representative Paddie an invitation and opportunity to speak to such grievances, the censure states. 

Paddie, who is now gearing up for a third special session in Austin, expressed his disappointment in the executive committee’s move to censure him. 

“It is shameful that while the Legislature was busy passing Republican priorities, such as election integrity, pro-life legislation, and a 13th check for retired teachers, a handful of folks were busy trying to tear apart the Republican Party,” Paddie said in a statement to the News Messenger. 

And this: 

“Representative Chris Paddie has demonstrated a consistent pattern of actions demonstrably opposed to the first, second, fourth, ninth, and tenth core principles of the RPT Platform, by repeatedly voting contrary to these core principles, and abusing his authority as Chairman of the State Affairs Committee in the 87th Texas Legislature to thwart the advancement of bills favorable to these Core Principles,” the censure said. 

Here is the entire read:  Harrison County GOP censures State Rep. Chris Paddie | News | marshallnewsmessenger.com. 

This is a perfect example of a Texas GOP that is out of control. Rep. Paddie is pretty much a far-right winger and that isn’t good enough. Why not? Because even right-wingers like Paddie refuse to call out the lies about the 2020 election and have bought into this voter suppression crap and that still is not good enough. 

That’s your GOP, folk. 

Our magic number is now 10 and we are at home to host the D-Backs for three this weekend.

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