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I saw this tweet earlier that came out after a GOP state rep announced he was running for AG: 

Scott Braddock 


At this point, it’s difficult to see how  


avoids a primary runoff – every incumbent’s nightmare #TxLege 

Heck. That arsehole Paxton might not even make the runoff. 

The 16th of September is not National Corona Cerveza Day or National Margarita Day.  It is Mexico’s Independence Day.  From Spain. In 1810 

You are not limited to Dos Equis, Tecate, Corona, Modelo or Pacifico. Do a little hunting and find a craft beer from south of the border.  Or maybe just refer to it as San Arnoldo. 

Favorite Mexican things?  City? Mexico City.  State? Michoacán. That is where by Mom’s family was from. We used to visit every summer when I was a kid. Movie star actor and actress from Mexico? Anthony Quinn and Salma Hayek. 

Band? Maná.  Athlete? Fernando Valenzuela who pitched for the Dodgers.  Beach? Zihuatanejo.  Food?  I have to go with carne guisada. Animated cartoon character? Speedy Gonzales. 

Have a nice Diez y Seis! 

Our magic number is now 11. 

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