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Whup Arse

That was a major league whupping of the GOP in California last night. Science won over the kooks. The results were better than expected.  Opposing vaccine mandates is a losing proposition. Opposing mask mandates is a losing proposition. Opposing science is a losing proposition.  Don’t believe me? Scoreboard Dems. A solid victory for Democrats for sure. 

I forgot to mention yesterday that during the time I didn’t have power yesterday, I was able to use my phone to check emails. At around 1:30 pm yesterday, CenterPoint emailed me to let me know that my power had been restored.  It hadn’t.  CenterPoint can’t handle business.

You gotta love AOC’s style.  She was a hit at the Met Gala the other night with her gown.   

Everyone knows I am not a fan of this fella. Check this from the Miami Herald:

Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo, a surprising and prized hire by the mayor, is already on the hot seat only five months into the job. 

Miami commissioners — angered over a series of controversial decisions and gaffes by the new chief — have called for a special meeting in two weeks to grill Acevedo and potentially decide his future. Last week, in the most recent controversy, the chief drew a rebuke from commissioners for telling a group of officers that department was run by the “Cuban Mafia.” 

Acevedo — a Cuban American who gained national prominence while serving as police chief in Houston during last summer’s Black Lives Matter marches — apologized for a comment he said he intended as a joke. He said he was unaware the term had been coined by Fidel Castro to paint Miami exiles as criminals for opposing his dictatorship. The majority of city commissioners are either exiles or have families who have suffered during the six decades of oppression under the Communist regime. 

“I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a new transplant come here and do whatever he wants,” Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo declared from the dais at a meeting Monday night. “Each one of us are duly elected. And each one of us has deep roots in this community.” 

Acevedo, who was sworn in on April 5, came highly touted by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who said at the time that “We got the Michael Jordan of police chiefs.” 

His brief tenure has been steeped in controversy. 

Acevedo fired the highest-ranking police couple in the department for not properly reporting a patrol vehicle accident. He relieved a popular sergeant-at-arms from duty and demoted four majors, including one of the city’s highest-ranking Black female officers, without explanation

He posed for a selfie — unaware, he said — that it was with a leading member of South Florida’s white nationalist group the Proud Boys. He’s rankled members of the judiciary by repeatedly blasting them for early inmate releases from prison and jail. Last week, it was disclosed that he had made the “Cuban Mafia” statement to about 100 officers during a morning roll call. 

Here is the entire read: Miami commissioners to grill police chief Art Acevedo | Miami Herald. 

Oh, well.

We lost last night but still managed to reduce our magic number to 12. 

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