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Yesterday, as Nicholas was approaching, my power went off intermittently three times. I kind of was thinking that power would be an issue today. I lost power at around 3:15 am this morning and got it back like 12 hours later after three pm. 

I drove around my neighborhood this morning and I couldn’t find a single tree or utility pole down or bent.  There were tree branches strewn here and there. It rained last night and was kind of windy.  I lost my street sign. I don’t understand how half a million CenterPoint customers lost their power this morning. The storm wasn’t that hard hitting. There was more storm activity coming off Astros bats last night in Arlington. 

I tell you what it is.  CenterPoint needs to do a better job of maintaining its infrastructure.  If it would have been a category three, a lot of us would be in the same shape as the folks in Louisiana. 

I have lost confidence in the folks who are supposed to keep the lights on.

Good thing it stayed in the low 70s throughout the day. We got off light today. 

Our magic number is 13. 

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