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What’s Your What? 

We are going to have a lot of rain today and tomorrow.  It will get serious once the local news starts preempting the regular programing. As I write this, Channel 2 local news has just preempted “Today.” I have already experienced two power outages within the last 30 minutes.  Let me thank arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott and the GOP controlled legislature for fixing the grid. 

Commentary watches Fox 26’s “What’s Your Point” on Sunday mornings. It is the only local station with the same rotating political talking heads. It has a right wing bent for sure.  I guess that is by design by Fox 26 and the host, Greg Groogan. 

They certainly have given up on the Latina demographic.  Yesterday, they piled on Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo on the contract. Never mind that Judge Hidalgo cancelled the contract.  Some of the talking heads even said that local law enforcement was investigating the contract stuff. The criminalizing of the contract is news to Commentary and probably not true. 

They certainly don’t have any clue about Judge Hidalgo’s popularity among Democratic Primary voters. 

It also appears that “What’s Your Point” doesn’t have a problem attacking the trans community. That’s too bad. 

In the show’s intro, Groogan likes to say that the panelists “tell it like it is.” Yesterday, they had on a Holly Hansen.  Her “it is” was totally clueless and ignorant.  Where does Groogan find these folks? 

Commentary doesn’t mind healthy debate back and forth. It’s the lies and alternative facts that bothers me.  Fox 26 and Groogan are letting that become a heavier presence on their show and that is never good for local politics.   

Here is a headline from a story in today’s Chron: 

Abbott’s mask mandate ban mostly toothless 

Our magic number is now 14 and we are in Arlington for 4 games this week. 

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