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It’s About Time 

Commentary is talking about President Joe Biden cracking down on the COVIDidiots who refuse to get vaccinated and are killing their fellow citizens.  This personal responsibility sh_t and personal freedom crap is just that – crap. 

Folks have had ample opportunity and time to get the shot. Heck, millions of doses have gone to waste. 

Here in Texas, we responded in laughter yesterday when the arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott accused the President of a power grab.  What a moron.  Let’s hope and pray that President Biden’s mandate push moves us closer to some sort of normalcy. 

Here is what Greg Shaw said about my take yesterday on Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s goof on the $11 million contract:  

Amazing! An elected official who will admit to making a mistake. Please observe, she has neither turned into a pillar of salt nor been deserted by her supporters. Now, if she will publicly reach out to the GOP Commissioners on how to go forward (if they refuse it would be on them), our heads will collectively explode. 

Here is what Royko said: 

So, when Dems are caught granting pork contracts to feather the nests of political insiders, it is a goof…for getting caught? 

Someone needs to tally all the federal, state, and local tax money the pequeña Comandante has squandered to advance her partisan agenda. 

Duh. The contract was cancelled. 

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001.

Random thoughts. I don’t travel as much for business as I used to prior to 9/11. It is like business travel for me abruptly stopped. 

Rudy Giuliani went from one of the most respected to one of the least respected Americans. 

The Taliban were in control of Afghanistan back then. Oh, well. 

I remember the skies being empty for a few days. 

There was nonstop coverage of the attack on the major networks for nearly a week. 

American and United were the airlines that were hijacked. 

I was at the Downtown Hyatt Regency in a conference room for a breakfast meeting at the time. I have not been to the Hyatt for a meeting since.  

I was driving a Ford Explorer then. Guess what? 

We didn’t have cameras in our phones back then. Same for texting. 

We were supposed to play the Giants at The Yard that evening and I was supposed to sit in pal Drayton’s seats. At the time, we were in first place in the NL Central with a 5 1/2 game lead. 

Good thing Abbott wasn’t governor back then. No telling what cwazy arse sh_t he would have done. 

The Angels are in town for three this weekend. 

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