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Plain Stupid 

Commentary has made it clear Gov. Greg Abbott is an arsehole. Yesterday, he let us all know he is plain stupid.  Here is from Chron columnist Erica Grieder’s take today: 

Gov. Greg Abbott seemed a bit flustered Tuesday when asked by a reporter about Texas’ near-complete ban on abortions, and specifically why the state would require a victim of rape or incest to carry a resulting pregnancy to term. 

“It doesn’t require that at all, because obviously it provides at least six weeks for a person to be able to get an abortion,” Abbott said during a bill-signing ceremony for another measure, a package of GOP voting restrictions. 

“That said, however, let’s make something very clear: rape is a crime,” the Republican thundered, in the tone of a politician who’s just found himself publicly suggesting that survivors of sexual trauma should simply be efficient about the recovery process. “And Texas will work tirelessly to make sure we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets. So goal No. 1 in the state of Texas is to eliminate rape, so that no woman, no person, will be a victim of rape.” 

What. A. Dumbsh_t! 

Abbott is a national embarrassment. Even his fellow GOPers are hard pressed to defend what he said. 

This is not surprising. Texas is not a welcoming state these days. Here is from a Bloomberg story: 

Solugen Inc., a Texas chemicals company, said it plans to open a new research and development facility outside of the state because its social policies are making it difficult to recruit employees, Axios reported Tuesday.  

The Houston-based startup said it will more than double its R&D team over the next two years, with the company eyeing Massachusetts and California for the new facility, according to the Axios report. The organization employs about 115 people.  

“We’ve come to the conclusion after talking to lots of candidates that they want to join Solugen but they don’t feel comfortable coming to Texas, so for us it’s become a no brainer to have R&D facilities elsewhere,” Chief Executive Officer Gaurab Chakrabarti told Axios. 

Chakrabarti is among few executives speaking out against Texas’s law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Ride-sharing companies Lyft Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc. announced they would cover the legal expenses of drivers sued under a provision of the law that holds anyone abetting an abortion legally liable. Dating-app providers Match Group Inc. and Bumble Inc. announced relief funds to support those impacted by the ban. Few other corporations have so far followed.  

On Saturday, Chakrabarti tweeted that the company was considering expansion opportunities outside of Texas in response to the law. “Disgusted by this abortion ban,” he said. “As the CEO of @solugen, a Texas-based company, I am ashamed of our state for this.” 

Expect more of this to happen. Folks across the country are becoming more aware of the joke we have become. Thanks to Abbott and the Texas GOP.

Commentary is thinking that 2022 is the year we save Texas from this spiraling madness. 

The magic number is now 18. 

This afternoon’s game is on YouTube.  

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