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Magic Number 20

The racist voter suppression bill will be signed into law today by the racist arsehole Gov. Greg Abbott. 

The La Porte ISD is asking parents to consider driving their kids to school because of a bus driver shortage due to COVID-19. Thanks to Abbott. 

I wonder how long it will take for the GOP to figure out that climate change is man-made and join the rest of us in combating it. All these severe weather events are costing us serious taxpayer money.  

CNN aired “LFG” last night about the members of the U.S. Women’s soccer team fighting for equal pay. I was wondering why they called it “LFG?” Right off the bat they tell you. LFG stands for ‘let’s fuc_ing go,” a phrase they use before every match.  

We have less than 4 weeks to play. Commentary thinks the time is right to post the so-called magic number to win the AL West. What is the magic number? It is the combination of wins and losses of the second-place team that allows the first-place team to clinch the division championship. I won’t post the playoff magic number because that would mean posting for the Wild Card Game that could only extend the season for 1 game.  

How do you calculate the magic number to win the AL West? It is easy. The second-place Mariners are 75-63 with 24 games remaining on their schedule. If they win all their remaining games, they will finish at 99-63. The Astros are 80-57 with 25 games remaining. If we win 100 games, there is no way the Mariners can catch us. To get to 100 wins, we need to win 20 games. Tada! That is your magic number – 20. 

Now you know. 

We won last night. 

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