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Janette Liftoff

We had a real good crowd last night for Janette Garza Lindner’s Campaign Liftoff.  Folks from throughout HISD Trustee District 1 attended and some folks from outside of the district showed up.  Diversity for sure. She spoke for roughly 7 minutes.   

The event was held outdoors for obvious reasons. It was kind of warm.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s approval rating is tanking in Texas. 41% approve of the job he’s doing and 50% disapprove in the latest poll.  In the same poll, 52% of the respondents say Texas is headed in the wrong direction.  53% disapprove of Abbott’s handling of COVID-19. 

He can be beat.  A Democratic female candidate of color for Texas governor, plus the national Democrats investing $200 million, he would be toast. This isn’t farfetched. Democrats have the money.  They just need the will and desire. 

My “Wizard of Oz” calendar for September has a picture of the Wicked Witch with “Ohhhhhh what a world! What a world!” 

My Beatles calendar has a photo of the four from 1967 wearing colorful clothes. Not quite psychedelic, but colorful.

Commentary said a few weeks ago that the Big 12 should invite UH to join them. It looks like that is going to happen. It is a good move for the Big 12 and a good move for the Coogs. 

We have a 4 ½ game lead in the AL West with 29 games left on the schedule. We are in San Diego for the weekend. 

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