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These days one can go on and on when putting together a list of GOP dumbsh_ts. Add State Sen. Paul Bettencourt to the list.  He has a bill that would audit elections and he is specifically targeting Harris County.  Go on ahead you fu_king moron and cast doubt about the election processes locally. What a dumbsh_t. 

Remember when Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall? Nope.  Texas taxpayers are doing the paying.   

Commentary is thinking that this GOP overreach in Texas is going to backfire on the GOP in November of 2022. 

This November here in H-Town we have the 8 constitutional amendments, HISD trustee and HCC trustee races on the ballot. Commentary lives in HISD Trustee District 1. I will be helping Janette Garza Lindner who is running in District 1. She lives down the street in the Norhill neighborhood.  She has two kids in HISD schools.  She is a management consultant. She grew up in Brownsville.  She is smart and works hard. 

Janette will be having her Campaign Liftoff at 7 pm this evening at Walking Stick Brewing Company on Judiway in 77018. 

Last night on CNN I watched New York City get hammered by Ida.  She is certainly doing a lot of damage. 

We suffered back-to-back shutouts yesterday and the day before.  We need today off. 

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