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We are out of Afghanistan, but we really are not.  I am sure we will be sending drones and missiles to root out terrorists over the next few months and years. We still must get out the remaining U.S. citizens and allies.   

The GOP would sure like to make the pullout of Afghanistan an issue in 2022. Have at it.  I really don’t think voters will have Afghanistan on their minds in 2022. 

Commentary has made a couple of major appliance purchases this past month.  One of the items was not properly installed. There was a new part that needed to be replaced.  After it was finally replaced and reinstalled, the installer said he was not authorized to take the replaced part back to the store.  The reinstallation was also kind of messy.   

I was called by the store to see how the reinstallation went.  I told him it was sloppy.  Someone else from the store called later and asked me to take the replaced part back to the store. Nope. I told them they were a multi-billion-dollar corporation, and they had the resources to send someone over to pick it up. Sigh. 

Some Mets fans started booing the poor play of the Mets players this summer.  Some Mets players started giving the thumbs down to Mets fans when they got base hits and dingers.  MLB’S Alyson Footer tweeted out that this would not end well. 

Mets management were not happy with the Mets players and apologized to the fans. Management said Mets fans had every right to boo.  Dumbarse Mets players. Just play better. 

I can’t remember if Astros fans have ever booed their own team players. I never have. In 2004, at the MLB All Star Game at The Yard, Astro’s skipper Jimy Williams was part of the NL All Star team coaching staff. When he was introduced during the pre-game introductions, he was loudly booed. He was fired the next day. 

We have a six-game lead with 31 games left to play. 

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