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The CNN Boys

We lost actor Ed Asner yesterday. He was a great actor and a great activist.   

I was watching Fox 26’s “What’s Your Point” yesterday and host Greg Groogan referred to the Chron as “friendly” toward Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. Ok, Greg.  If you want to go there, then let’s say Fox 26 News is unfriendly toward Judge Hidalgo. Fair is fair. 

Here is the headline from today’s Chron E-Board take: 

Abbott fails us again 

Here is from the take: 

Those complicit in this cowardly betrayal of fellow citizens include Gov. Greg Abbott. He cannot claim ignorance, or brainwashing by Fox News, or trouble comprehending scientific studies. He is a bright man with an advanced degree. He knows vaccines and masks save lives. 

Yet, he has chosen to grovel to the right wing of his party to shore up his primary election. He has chosen politics over protecting human life

When he saw the delta variant coming, he refused to help hospitals pleading for nurses. When he saw the surging cases and deaths, he did very little to raise Texas’ lagging vaccination rate and continued to parade around at campaign events without a mask until he caught COVID-19 himself. When he heard experts warning the delta variant was more contagious among children than the original, he refused to protect kids by requiring masks in schools. Then he blocked responsible school leaders from doing so. 

Last week, when the blessed news of Pfizer’s full FDA vaccine approval was being celebrated, and officials at public schools and agencies were preparing to mandate a vaccine officially proven safe, Abbott blocked them as well. Where his previous ban on vaccine mandates applied only to those with emergency FDA approval, Abbott extended the prohibition to vaccines with full approval. 

And ended with this: 

With hospitals overflowing, all of us could be one heart issue or necessary medical procedure away from mortal danger. That, too, is a form of tyranny. 

It didn’t have to be this way. 

Texas’ seven-day death rate and hospitalization rates are spiking, according to CDC data, “competing” mainly with Florida and other southern states. Residents of states with high vaccination rates, quite simply, are faring better

This crisis, exacerbated by our governor’s actions, is costing lives. It’s also causing kids to miss school, parents to miss work, nurses and doctors to burn out and even leave the field of medicine. 

Many of us are asking if there’s any point at which the state’s top officials will treat this dire threat with the same urgency they have given, say, combating the phantom of widespread voter fraud. 

COVID-19 is no phantom. It is real. It is deadly. 

But Governor Abbott apparently has no interest in counting the corpses, which number 55,000 in Texas. He’s too busy counting votes. 

Abbott is a piece of sh_t for sure. 

I watch CNN. I don’t know why former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin left back in April, but I can guess. During the pandemic, her show went from two hours to one. She was put off the air toward the end of the 2020 election and her slot was given to Jake Tapper.  During breaking major stories, they would replace her with Tapper, Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer. I think Brooke Baldwin is very capable of handling anchor duties during the major stories. 

Saturday and yesterday, Fredericka Whitfield was replaced by Wolf Blitzer to anchor the coverage of the evacuation in Afghanistan and Hurricane Ida.  Whitfield is a seasoned anchor who could have handled things just fine.  CNN is already facing growing criticism for being too heavy on male anchors over female anchors, especially during prime time. They better watch out or they may lose a key demographic one day. 

I read where a bar set aside a table and put thirteen beers on it in honor of the thirteen service members who were killed in Afghanistan last Thursday.  Five of them were not old enough to legally drink. 

I stopped watching that Bill Maher fella a few years ago because I think he is full of sh_t. Some folks were putting out his seven-minute lecture this weekend.  He said people aren’t starving in the USA.  Huh? Why do we have food banks across the country?  Why do we have free school breakfast and lunch?  Why were those automobiles in lines that stretched for miles for free grub during the pandemic? 

It we want to claim to be the best, then we ought to expect the best. That’s not complaining. 

We have a 5 ½ game lead with 32 games left on the schedule.  

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