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This is a headline from an AP story today: 

100,000 more COVID deaths seen unless US changes ways 

Thank you Gov. Greg Abbott. 

Yesterday, the racist Texas House Speaker asked House members not to use the word racism during the debate of the racist voter suppression bill. What a fuc_ing punkarse racist moron. Dumbsh_t for sure. 

Last week the Chron had a story on Yuengling beer finally hitting the H-Town market. Yuengling is a PA based brew. Yesterday, I ran across it at a Kroger in Baytown, so I picked up a 12-pack. I tweeted out a pic of a can. I got a tweet message back with a link to a story about the owner of Yuengling Brewery being a Donald Trump supporter. Well, that’s the end of that. 

Yesterday, I took my Dad to see his pacemaker doctor who is located in Cypress.  My Dad has been dealing with a nagging infection around his ankles since May. He has been in the hospital and visited the ER. His pacemaker doctor looked at his ankles yesterday and told me to take him to the ER. Sigh. 

I decided to take him to the ER in Baytown. At the ER, they told me that I could not stay with him because of their strict COVID policy on visitors. Another sigh. 

I had to converse with the ER staff on my Dad’s condition via text and by cell.  They then told me he would have to stay overnight for observation.  Because of capacity issues, he had to wait until he finally got a room around 9 pm last night.  

The hospital only allows one “healthy” visitor a day. My sis Syl will go see him today. 

It is pretty frustrating that the doctors can’t get this infection under control. 

I am not going to comment on GOPers and Fox News having field days over getting out of Afghanistan, the evacuation, the suicide bombers and working with the Taliban. President Joe Biden did what no one else had the courage to do.   It is messy, ugly, painful and the right thing to do.  We never should have been there this long. W screwed this up way back. 

The Star Telegram has a piece on how the Big 12 can expand and survive. Here is a part: 

Here are the four additions (in order): BYU, Cincinnati, UCF, Houston. 

BYU seems to be the easiest addition of all for the Big 12. As one source said, “They would bring immediate value.” 

That’s what the Big 12 is looking for with its two flagships leaving for the SEC. Yes, BYU is viewed by some as toxic but it’s got a passionate national fan base, a strong football tradition and is in a top-35 TV market. 

The Cougars should be the Big 12s first call. Plus, they are the most flexible addition given their independence in football. BYU could join in 2022, if needed

Cincinnati and UCF are attractive, too, considering how well both football programs have fared in recent years. Both are in solid markets as well. 

The fourth addition in this scenario goes to Houston over Boise State. The Cougars are slightly more attractive given they’re in Houston and it would allow the Big 12 to further its footprint in Texas with four schools across the state. 

Here is the entire piece: Breaking down the Big 12’s options as it enters expansion | Fort Worth Star-Telegram. 

We have a 5 1/2 game lead with 35 games left to play. We are in Arlington this weekend. 

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