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This was tweeted by AP today: 

‘I’m starting to feel like how the Vietnam vets felt. There was no purpose to it whatsoever.” The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has some US veterans questioning whether their mission was a failure. 

I get it. Let me also say that nobody was drafted to go to Afghanistan. 

Where in the fu_k does Gov. Greg Abbott get the mother fu_king authority to ban vaccine mandates by local governments and private businesses? Fu_k his weaselly arse.  Why doesn’t congress pass a bill ASAP to stop idiots like Abbott and eliminate this authority during a pandemic?  Why is he siding with COVID-19?

I went on the Texas Ethics Commission website to find out who is lobbying for COVID-19? I am thinking about filing a complaint against the Texas GOP for not registering as a COVID-19 lobbyist. 

Is Abbott pro-life? 




Pro COVID-19? 


He is a dangerous lunatic. 

He said Texas is open for business! 

The NRA just cancelled their national convention that was scheduled for H-Town. 

Pro healthy initiatives? 


Our ICUs have blown past capacity. 

Pro death? 


Abbott has punched his ticket to hell. 

The GOP is the party of death and murder. They have earned it. 

The MLB Playoff schedule was announced yesterday. If we hold on to win the AL West, our playoffs begin on Thursday, October 7.  If the playoffs started today, we would be hosting the White Sox. 

We have a five game lead.  We have today off and Alex Bregman was back in the lineup yesterday. 

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