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Perry Clown

Former Gov. Rick Perry joined the circus yesterday. Pitiful. He had what folks are calling an hour-long infomercial yesterday at the State Capitol on an air filtration system that will protect schools from COVID-19.  He also has an ownership interest in the company that makes the system. He wants the state to buy it. Sigh. 

COVID-19 and its variants continue to rage across the country because of the failed leadership of many GOP top dogs including Donald Trump, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.  Now Rick Perry has joined the clown show. 

Speaking of, here is what Royko sent me yesterday:  

Going back a year and two, these (deleted racist term) virus cases may merely be replacing the flu virus cases. 

The media ignores the fact that there were an enormous number of adults and children also needing treatment and hospitalization from the flu in prior years. 

The hospitals have a financial incentive to drive up the number of reported cases. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was video of contractor vans, paid bounties, to round up kids possibly exposed, even though they likely could have fought off the virus, as part of the natural “herd immunity” process. 

Takes like Royko’s and the disastrous leadership of many GOP leaders across the country are killing us.  Think about. It seems like more GOP elected officials are getting infected than Democratic elected officials. 

The Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office had a zoom meeting last night with stakeholders to talk about the upcoming November election.  Some GOP consultant complained about the Administrator sending out mail ballot applications to registered voters 65 and older. F_cking moron.  Commentary will say it again.  Everybody in the county gets to vote on the eight constitutional amendments and some get to vote in ISD and community college trustee races and municipal elections.  In HISD and HCC, many 65 and older voters would be getting their mail ballot applications from mayoral candidates that have the funds. There is no mayoral election this year. How many 65 and older voters go online and fill out an application, print it, sign it, stick in an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it?  

That is your voter suppressing GOP. 

We lost to KC last night. This time at The Yard. Oh, well. 

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