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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Tomorrow is my Dad’s 98th birthday.  Process that, please.   

He can still get around his house with a walker. On occasion I’ll see him walk without it and I will rush it over to him. I do not want to take chances. 

He eats like you and me but not as much as you and me.  Eggs, beans, pancakes, syrup, butter, sausage, pan dulce, biscuits, and tortillas for breakfast. Burgers, barbeque sandwiches, baked potatoes, picadillo, roast beef, fish, beef and chicken fajitas, pasta, oysters, ceviche, enchiladas, hot sauce and veggies for lunch and dinner. Fruit and candy for snacks. 

He has a few beers a day. Bud Light, Bud, Miller Lite, Tecate, Tecate Light, Dos Equis, Modelo, Pacifico, some flavor infused brews and Coors Light to name a few. 

He sleeps in his recliner. A lot. He reads the hard copy of the Chron every morning or noonish if he sleeps late with a cup of coffee. 

He watches TV. CNN, MSNBC, movies, old reruns, and Spanish language flicks. 

He will watch the Astros and comments on the play of the Astros. Mostly when the Astros screw up. 

He plays solitaire. With real cards.  

He is not the type that needs to be out and about. Before the pandemic, he would go with me to the Kroger for beer and grub runs.  I don’t risk it anymore.  He moves slower than me so I would be taking an unnecessary risk.  He has not complained. 

When we must go to a medical appointment, he is ok masking up and going hand sanitizer. 

He is dinged up some. 

I don’t know what the plan is to celebrate his 98th birthday. I will find out today when I go to Baytown. 

Two more years and he will be on the Smucker’s jar.  

Happy Birthday to my nephew Dante today! I don’t think I have seen him since the pandemic started.

Here is my brief take on the Texas Democratic State House members who made quorum yesterday.  I know them. They are acquaintances. They are not my clients.  If they were my clients, I would have asked them one simple question. Do you really want to be number 99 and 100 to make quorum? 

Here is from the Trib today on their return to the House floor yeserday: 

But Democrats are not united in their return to the House. Many members are attempting to keep up the fight and have criticized their colleagues for defecting. 

“This is how Texas Democrats lose elections,” Rep. Michelle Beckley, D-Carrollton, tweeted in response to the announcement that Walle, Hernandez and Coleman were returning. 

And this: 

One of the remaining Democrat holdouts, Rep. Diego Bernal of San Antonio, criticized House leaders for declaring a quorum when lawmakers claiming to be present were notably absent. 

“The party arguing for ‘election integrity’ just established quorum by voting members present who weren’t on the floor,” he said on Twitter. 

If either Hernandez or Walle are named Chair of a committee by Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan in 2023, well, folks will wonder.  Hey, that’s politics. 

When it comes to the pandemic in Texas, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is doing his best to outdo Gov. Greg Abbott as the biggest dumbsh_t.  Patrick blamed the current COVID-19 raging outbreak in Texas on African Americans.  What a racist turd for sure. 

Everyone in the universe knows it is the unvaccinated Trump base that is causing this fourth surge, fuc_ing moron. 

We got back on the winning track yesterday.  We host the Mariners this weekend. 

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