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Super Spreader Greg

Think about this. Last year, the leader of the national GOP got infected by COVID-19.  Yesterday, the leader of the Texas GOP tested positive for COVID-19. You actually think they can keep us safe? 

It turns out Gov. Greg Abbott is a COVID-19 super spreader. Nice job, governor.  You are doing your part to fill up the ICUs in the state. Fuc_ing ignorant moron. 

Last year, I wasn’t surprised Donald Trump caught COVID-19 last year.  He wasn’t following the CDC guidelines.  Same for Gov. Abbott.  I am not surprised.  He doesn’t follow the CDC guidelines. Heck, he tells his fellow Texans not to follow the guidelines. That personal responsibility thing didn’t seem to work. 

We all saw the images last week of him fiddling around and not wearing a mask.  He was at an event a couple of days ago and he even tweeted out images flaunting the packed house. Guess what? I was only able to pick out one person at the event wearing a mask.  

The tweets that gave me chuckles yesterday after we found about Gov. Abbott were the ones where the tweeters hoped or prayed that he gets better then proceeded to remind folks that Abbott is wrong on mask mandates.  I don’t think most of those folks who tweeted really gave a rat’s arse about the governor’s health.  Besides, Gov. Abbott doesn’t give a rat’s arse about the health of a bunch of unvaccinated school kids. 

I wonder if there is someone out there who got the symptoms, maybe got tested positive, and is thinking, they were around Gov. Abbott, and both were not wearing masks.  I wonder if this person is thinking that they infected him. 

It is amazing that most – with a few honorable exceptions – GOP leaders are following this GOP fool governor blindly. GOP dumbsh_ts. 

Commentary will keep wearing a mask.  

This is from Chron business columnist Chris Tomlinson today:  

Gov. Greg Abbott’s aggressive assault on public health expertise means no public spaces are safe. He won’t let local officials require vaccines or masks. His minions at the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission are threatening to close restaurants or bars that require vaccines. 

This is how the Chron E-Board’s take starts today: 

Personal responsibility, apparently, is for the little people. 

The powerful have Regeneron cocktails at the ready. 

The powerful have good health insurance and doctors who make house calls. 

The powerful can quarantine in the comforts of a taxpayer-funded mansion in downtown Austin. 

That’s one takeaway from the announcement Tuesday that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has COVID-19 — the very day after he tweeted about his appearance at “another standing room only event in Collin County” attended by an estimated 600 people. The tweet included photos of the event in which the maskless governor waves from a stage, facing a tight crowd of applauding supporters — nary a mask in sight. 

How can we trust the governor to protect Texas from this raging pandemic when he won’t even protect himself — or, for that matter, his supporters? 

We wish the governor a speedy recovery, which is highly likely given that he is fully vaccinated and was reportedly experiencing no symptoms — yet another reminder how even though breakthrough infections occur, they rarely involve severe illness, prolonged hospital stays or death. 

And ends with this: 

The governor is reportedly feeling fine, self-isolating and receiving the Regeneron treatment as a precaution. 

He seems to be in good hands. If only we could say the same for Texas. 

The old wish you a speedy recovery phony line. Yep. 

Happy Birthday today to Vicki Montgomery Knupple!

Thanks to Abbott and the GOP, we are still in the pandemic, so I am not going to sweat how the Astros are losing to the teams they should be beating. I must keep myself, Dad and family safe above everything else.  

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