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ISDs Shut Down

COVID-19 has forced three Texas ISDs to shut down completely for a couple of weeks. Thank you, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Local government and ISDs continue to defy Abbott. What a way to try to run a state. Chaos is the order of the day in Texas.  I have never seen this in all my years of observing Texas state government.  Pitiful leadership.   

On the front page of today’s Chron hard copy there is a story on HISD and masks, a story on younger folks heading to the ICU because of COVID-19, and the OTC opening with fewer folks because of the pandemic.  On page A-3, there is a story on COVID in schools, a story on COVID booster shots and a story on fired Methodist employees suing.  Thank you, Gov. Abbott for your failed and cowardly leadership. 

Here is the headline of today’s online Chron E-Board take: 

Editorial: Texas’ nursing shortage is costing lives, and Gov. Abbott let it happen 

It looks like my Dad will get his third shot or the booster in mid-October at the latest.  I will get mine in late October.  

President Joe Biden said the buck stops with him.  The CNN folks wanted him to say, “I screwed up.” I watched his entire speech.  The whole world has seen the images from Afghanistan on CNN over the last 72 hours.  This was a big screw up.  We all know that.  The world knows that. The President knows that.  I guess CNN and a whole lot of other folks wanted a Biden mea culpa moment. 

When it comes to CNN’s coverage of the Afghanistan mess, I have to hand it to their tough as nails journalist Clarissa Ward.  Her coverage has been courageous, outstanding and much needed.  Who in the heck in Cancun Cruz’s camp thinks it is a good idea to attack her?  Cancun Cruz is going nowhere fast. 

Royko sent me this on my take yesterday on Afghanistan: 


I seem to recall virtually every congress person voting to spend taxpayer money on Afghanistan in 2001 and 2002, and, including the mission creep of nation building. 

There are likely more Democrat insiders with their snouts buried deep in the federal trough for Afghanistan than Republicans, but when in the swamp, they all feed off the taxpayers. 

Obama was a weak President and earned no respect, and spent all his time either apologizing or selling the USA out to the Environmental wackos/Socialists 

Poor Royko.  His memory only goes as far back as the President Obama days. He has forgotten that W got us into Afghanistan then sent us looking for WMDs in Iraq.  

This story is from 2019 right after one the of Democratic Party debates for president: 

During the Democratic presidential debate Thursday night, Sen. Bernie Sanders admitted his 2001 vote as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives to authorize the invasion of Afghanistan was a mistake—and credited Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California for being the only lawmaker in Congress to get that decision right at the time. 

Democratic Cong. Barbara Lee was the lone vote against.   

Why do we keep losing to the lousy teams?  Sheesh!  We lost to KC last night.  They are in last place in the AL Central.  We do better against contenders than we do against sub .500 teams it seems. 

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