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The Filibuster

The purpose of the filibuster was to call attention to the racist voter suppression SB 1.  The filibuster was not about killing the bill on Wednesday. State Sen. Carol Alvarado accomplished what she set out to do. We got national press. Sen. Alvarado was on Rachel Maddow’s show last night.  We are still getting calls from Democratic activists – mostly female – from across the country.  Alaska, Missouri, Michigan, California, Florida, Texas – you name it.  Words like admiration, heroic, tremendous, historic and thankful are being offered up. 

I talked to quite a few of the activists yesterday.  Several of them loved the way she was able to last the 15 hours on her feet without food or water and on her feet continuously.  I know Sen. Alvarado well.  She takes care of her body and works to stay in shape. I have seen some catty remarks on social media from some of her legislative GOP colleagues about her effort.  I won’t name them, but they couldn’t last a couple of hours on the House or Senate floors without collapsing.  Sen. Alvarado is in as good as shape as any of her male or female legislative colleagues in both chambers and in both parties.  She proved it a couple or so days ago. 

She was masterful in her handling of the subject matter throughout her filibuster. There wasn’t any green eggs and ham BS. It was all about SB 1. She was as good at the end as she was at the beginning. 

Without a doubt she’s the leader of the Texas Democratic Party and certainly the leader of Democrats in the Texas Legislature.  She is second to no one in my book. 

She is also now a major player among Democrats in the country.  It isn’t by accident.  Sen. Alvarado has earned it.  You try doing what she did a couple of days ago. 

I got this from G. Shaw today: 

Does she have to run for reelection for her Senate seat in 22? 
Don’t recall. 
If not, why not make a race for Governor? 
Always thought she had it in her. 
I think Beto is stale beer by now as well (outside the party faithful). 

Let me quote the last words from the flick “Gladiator”: 

Not yet. Not yet. 

Sen. Alvarado, like all the other state senators, are on the ballot in 2022. 

Dan Rather tweeted this yesterday: 

Welcome to the new GOP – Governors Own Pandemics 

It’s funny. At the same time it is sad and dangerous. Kids are now heading to the hospital.

Everybody knows by now that Commentary thinks Gov. Greg Abbott is a sorry arse cowardly piece of sh_t.  He now has the TABC threatening Austin restaurants who want proof of COVID-19 vaccines from customers.  

I watched the beginning and ending of the Field of Dreams game yesterday between the White Sox and Yankees on Fox.  It was cool the way the field was surrounded by corn field stalks.  The players came on the field like the players came on the field from the flick through the corn field stalks. 

There were a few dingers that landed in the stalks.  I wondered who chased down the balls. 

The White Sox won on a walk-off dinger. I saw a headline online yesterday that said the White Sox won on a stalk-off dinger. That’s funny. 

Here is what I saw on the internet yesterday: 

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred on if there will be a second “Field of Dreams” game next year (he was asked specifically about the Cubs): “I’m going to tell you that we are coming back next year, we are looking at August, and we’re not in a position to name teams yet.” 

Fu_k the Cubbies. In the flick, the White Sox are featured. It ought to be the White Sox every year against a different MLB club. 

Our lead over the A’s is only a game and a half so we better handle business in Anaheim this weekend. 

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