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We handle business. Democrats handle business. We called for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation, and he did. We cannot say that about the GOP. Donald Trump was a serial sexual predator, and the GOP was ok with that.  In fact, most GOPers still worship him. The GOP lost their moral high ground a long, long time ago. Commentary is proud to be a Democrat this morning. 

We are 21 years into this century and without a doubt the biggest moron in Texas this century is Gov. Greg Abbott. Hand down it isn’t even close. Yesterday he tweeted that the virus was being spread by migrants. What a fuc_ing moron. Texas is on COVID-19 fire. Our ERs are being overrun and he is ducking just like a coward does. Piece of sh_t. 

Royko sent me this on my take on the H-Town Mayor and the term limit thing yesterday:  

The typical HISD-educated Democrat “Straight Ticket” voters are treated poorly because they too often elect and reelect scoundrel politicians who continually ignore them and the politicians know they will still be reelected. 

The voters are so ignorant that they were duped into ending the three 2-year term limits and “restricted the mean rascals to a mere two 4-year terms. 

The last four Mayors abused the taxpayers of Houston relentlessly, so why would the current taxpayer-abusing Mayor accommodate any effort to attenuate his near-absolute power? 

I guess Royko was ok with my pal Mayor Bob when he took Houston Metro funds and put them to pay for HPD overtime.

I got my invoice for the Astros playoff tickets yesterday. You must buy the whole ball of wax.  Like every game through the final game of the World Series.  They are not cheap. I do not know if I will be going because of Delta variant. I will have the option to sell them.

I also got charged yesterday for my first installment for my 2022 season tickets. 

We got back on the winning track last night. We wrap up the homie with an afternoon game against the Rockies. 

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