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Local Labor

The local AFL-CIO endorsed the H-Town Mayor when he was running back in 2015.  I got this in my inbox this morning from the Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO: 

This spring more than 20,000 Houston voters signed petitions to be able to vote on a referendum that would make City policy-making more responsive to residents. The proposition would allow 3 or more City Council members to add items to the City Council agenda, as most large Texas cities permit. 

But Item 5 on Wednesday’s City Council agenda would delay this vote to November, 2023! 

Houston voters should not have to wait two years before being given the chance to vote on this referendum. 

In most other large Texas cities working families are able to utilize their more democratic municipal decision-making systems to pass policies that benefit working families, such as paid sick leave or rest breaks for construction workers. 

Houston’s working families deserve no less. 

The Gulf Coast Labor Federation is deeply involved in the battle to protect voting rights from the effort of Governor Abbott and his allies to suppress the vote. We strongly believe that expanding access to the ballot box empowers voters. 

But delaying a vote on this referendum by two years would disempower Houston voters. 

Will you tell Houston City Council to put the referendum on this November’s ballot and let voters decide? 

Back in 2015, when the term limit changes were on the ballot, Bill King said two four-year terms would make a mayor sort of unaccountable in a second and final term.  He, myself and others were opposed to changing the term limits.  We obviously didn’t prevail.  It was kind of a trick ballot language initiative the way it was written. 

The Mayor doesn’t want to have to deal with any petition driven initiatives right now. The H-Town Mayor will not be up for reelection in 2023.  He is not going to sweat it. Like I said yesterday, ignoring the thousands of H-Town voters who signed the petitions will be part of his legacy.   

Commentary will say it again.  Firefighters and the local AFL-CIO help get the mayor elected in 2015. Now this. Oh, well. 

By the way, Bill King was right. 

Someone needs to help Commentary understand things. A GOP member of the Texas House of Representatives got COVID-19 last week, the Delta variant I presume because he was vaccinated.  He still has symptoms, and he shows up at the State Capitol yesterday. That is your Texas GOP on full display in the pandemic era folks.  They don’t give a fu_k about your safety or mine.  

The Rockies are at The Yard for two. I am still staying away.  It is dollar dog night and let’s hope Alex Bregman is back in the lineup.

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