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J.R. Richard

We lost a great Astro yesterday. Commentary is talking about pitching great J.R. Richard. He died due to COVID-19. He wasn’t vaccinated, according to his close friend, former Astro Enos Cabell. Sigh. 

J.R. was at his peak in 1980 when he suffered a stroke that ended his career.  What could have been. He was for sure the best pitcher in MLB at the time. 

He was intimidating on the mound to say the least.  Some say he had the potential to be a Hall of Fame great.  We missed him in the 1980 NLCS against the Phillies for sure. 

He was 71.   

HISD is fixing to tell Gov. Greg Abbott fu_k you over mask mandates.  Good for HISD. Fu_k Abbott! 

I am betting Abbott doesn’t do squat about HISD’s decision. He is a coward. He won’t back up his chicken s_it executive order because that would mean endangering kids. He is a chicken s_it mother fu_ker. F_cking coward. 

The front-page lead headline in today’s hard copy of the Chron: 

Rural hospitals strained in COVID surge 

Don’t argue with me about the cowardly chicken s_it Abbott. 

The team got in from LA yesterday morning at 9 am.  Then they had a 7 pm game last night. Carlos Correa had the day off. Yuli Gurriel didn’t play due to a stiff neck.  Alex Bregman is still rehabbing with the Skeeters. Our regular catcher Martin Maldonado started at first base.  We lost 5-3 to the Twins. 

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