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Commentary really can’t defend the two Texas Democratic State Representatives that are allegedly in Portugal on a vacation while their fifty or so Democratic colleagues hunker down in D.C. It is not worth it. I would have just eaten the non-refundable tickets. It is not a good look.  

 From today’s Chron: 

There is more COVID-19 in the city’s wastewater system now than at any time in the pandemic, city officials said Wednesday, the latest warning that the virus is spreading at an unprecedented rate. 

Dr. David Persse, the city’s health authority, said there is more than three times as much virus in the system as there was last July. The volume also is higher than in January, during the most recent spike. Persse said the wastewater data, a precursor to other measures, show the surge will only grow worse in the coming weeks. 

“We are at a level of virus in the wastewater that we have never seen before,” Persse said. “The wastewater predicts what we’ll see in the positivity (rate) by two weeks, which predicts what we’ll see in hospitalizations by about two weeks.” 

Here is the entire read: According to Houston’s wastewater, the surge of COVID-19 is only going to get worse (houstonchronicle.com). 

I don’t know what to say. Folks should have gotten vaccinated. That’s all. 

This is right down the street from me. Here is from the Chron: 

You’re not losing it. The wretched five-way intersection in Houston’s Heights is certifiably the worst one around.  

That’s where Main, Studewood and Cavalcade streets all meet about a mile west of Interstate 45. To make matters more confusing, Cavalcade changes names to 20th Street west of the intersection. 

The problem with the intersection boils down to this: There are too many choices for drivers to make in the split second it takes to enter the intersection, which could lead to tragic outcomes.   

Approaching from any direction, drivers are tasked with finding their street while watching for the many pedestrians and bicyclists who frequent the neighborhood.  

The right street might not always be apparent, either.  

Trying to turn south on Studewood from Cavalcade, for example, is quite difficult since there are no signs telling drivers which street is Main and which is Studewood. 

In a 2015 study commissioned by the city of Houston, Plan Houston found that the intersection was the most congested in all of the Heights and communities north of downtown inside The Loop – earning a grade just above failing.  

The group proposed a series of fixes to the intersection, which included turning the cluster into a roundabout. They also suggested a new light cycle and adding a signal that would allow drivers to make an unprotected left turn as an immediate fix. 

Six years later, however, things are still the same. It seems about time to do something about this dogged mess of concrete  and traffic signals? 

The irony? If you drive Studewood from Main Street all the way south to its end, you’ll wind up (wait for it) at a traffic circle on Main Street near Hermann Park where the road is called Montrose Boulevard. 

Why can’t the road be capped with a roundabout or traffic circle at both ends? That’d make too much sense for Houston.   

Maybe it is just me. I have just learned how to deal with it or avoid it.  I honestly think our neighborhood has bigger challenges. I don’t think this is a big deal. 

The 2022 Astros schedule was released yesterday and here are some highlights.  We open the season at home with the Phillies on Thursday, March 31, take Friday off and then two more on Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, April 4, the Yankees visit us for three. We close the season at home with D-Backs and the Rays. 

We play two games at The Yard on holidays.  On the Fourth of July, we host the Royals. On Labor Day, the Rangers visit. 

Our interleague games are mostly with NL East teams.  We visit The ATL, the Mets and Nationals. We host the Marlins, Mets, and Phillies.  We also host the D-Backs for two and visit Arizona for a couple.  Got it? 

We went 4-4 on the roadie.  We still have the best record in the AL. We are now home for 4 against the Twins and a couple against the Rockies. 

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