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Yesterday was my most miserable day of this pandemic – period. 

My 97-year-old Dad was having ankle issues that surfaced this past weekend.  I called his primary care doctor and they recommended that I take him to an urgent care facility.  I asked if I should take him to an emergency room instead.  They said I could probably get a quicker response at urgent care. They said ERs were crowded these days. I drove to Baytown, picked up my Dad and took him to an urgent care facility.  At urgent care, they looked at his ankles and said to take him immediately to the local emergency room. 

I took him to Baytown’s nearest emergency room on Garth Road.  I parked at the ER entrance and escorted my Dad inside. There were a lot of patients waiting there. It was a big waiting room area with a lot of folks.

I checked my Dad in and then we had a seat in the waiting room area. All the waiting patients were wearing masks.  A lot were not wearing them properly like just covering their mouths.  Some were removing their masks to eat snacks or drink liquids. Heck, the hospital staff were going around the waiting rooms handing out snacks and drinks from a cart. There was no policing on masking. Nada. 

Some folks were coughing, having a hard time breathing and sneezing. I didn’t feel safe. 

Eventually they got around to drawing blood from my Dad.  The nurses initially said that it looked like my Dad would have to be admitted to the hospital and they said that the hospital was at capacity and he would be put on the waiting list. Then they did an ultrasound of his ankles.  My Dad finally got to see the ER doctor and she said he might be able to avoid a hospital stay.  They would have to review his blood lab results. 

After a while, they told me he would need an IV. So, they hooked him up.  After the IV, they drew more blood. 

After about eight hours in the ER, he was finally released. During the whole time we wore our masks but were in close contact with a ton of waiting ER patients. 

When they checked us out, they told us he would need to be prescribed antibiotics. They asked which pharmacy we used in Baytown.  I took my Dad home late last night.  He was a trooper for sure throughout the entire day. 

This morning we had not yet been notified by the pharmacy to pick up his meds.  I called them and they said the hospital had not called in anything. I called the hospital and they told me that they were not going to call it in and that the prescription was in my Dad’s discharge papers.  I looked at the discharge papers and there it was.  They never told me this bit of info.

I called the pharmacy and asked them if I could fax, email or text the prescription to them.  They said nope so I had to drive them to Baytown this morning. Sigh. 

My takeaway from yesterday is I don’t think the hospital had proper protocols in place for their ER waiting area.  I am appalled.  Maybe they have just thrown up their hands during this most recent surge. 

Yesterday was miserable. No other way to describe it. I just hope my Dad and I didn’t catch anything.

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