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Best of the Best

A couple of Sundays ago, the Chron hard copy had their Best of the Best 2021 for H-Town. They covered a lot of categories from eateries, grocery stores, car dealerships, law firms – you name it.  The best was determined by votes from locals. 

Some of my favorites made the list like Saint Arnold which won Best Beer Garden, Best Brewery and Best Craft Beer.  Shipley Do-Nuts won Best Doughnuts. El Tiempo won Best Fajitas and Best Margaritas. Star Pizza won Best Pizza.  Whataburger won Best Burger.

The Astros won Best Sports Team.  Like I said, only locals voted. 

Go find you a copy and check it out.

Commentary is treating the surge in the Delta variant like last year when we didn’t have a vaccine.  I went to the local Kroger on Friday and a bunch of folks were not wearing masks.  I will mask when I am out in indoor settings. I will double mask in some cases.  I won’t be going to the local watering hole down the street. I won’t be going to The Yard. I don’t want to catch it and hand it over to my Dad.  

I guess you have this figured out like I have. Gov. Greg Abbott is not going to let Florida’s governor outdo him on who is the biggest dumbsh_t fool.  At the expense of thousands of lives.  Think about that. 

Luis Salinas sent me this after my take on Friday: 

Why don’t we get rid of traffic lights and seat belt laws and put it on “personal responsibility?” As an educator for 40 years, I have observed that homeschooled kids are not the same socially as regular educated kids. 

Myles Straw is no longer an Astro. We traded him away for some bullpen help.  Additional trades were made last week to strengthen the pen as we head into the final two months of the season.   

We are three and three on the roadie. We have today off. Tomorrow and Wednesday we are in LA to play the Dodgers. 

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