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Failed Leadership

A couple of prominent Republican talking heads were on the flat screen yesterday.  They both blamed Republican leaders for the latest virus surge and the raging pandemic. At this point, if GOPers want to run around without masks, have had it and die. I don’t give a sh_t anymore. 

Honestly, I never thought Gov. Greg Abbott would be this much of a choker, failure, coward and more.  In one of the biggest challenges in our lifetime, this fella has tanked big time.  You can’t argue with me.   

His latest executive order to have DPS troopers stop vehicles along the border is just outright insane.  Here is what one of my best friends Sen. Carol Alvarado tweeted last night: 

This attack on migrants & charities is a blatant culture war distraction from the REAL problems we should be solving:  

Fix the skyrocketing #Covid rate  

Protect our children from Covid in schools  

Improve our low vaccination rate 

Expand Medicaid  

Oh & #fixthegrid already 

The Delta variant is raging across the state and this Abbott fool is pulling his stupid macho sh_t. 

The Chron E-Board called Abbott out on masks in schools today and here is how they ended their take: 

Governor, rescind your prohibition on commonsense mask requirements that superintendents across Texas implemented successfully last year. We’re not asking you to lead. We’re just asking you to get out of the way so others can. 

Here is the entire E-Board take: Editorial: Gov. Abbott, if you won’t lead on masks, get out of the way so school leaders can (houstonchronicle.com). 

That pretty much sums it up.  The fella has failed Texas.  Just get out of the way and let locals do their jobs. 

We won last night and have today off. Tomorrow we open a weekend series in San Francisco. Some are saying that the Astros and Giants will meet up again in the World Series in October.  Commentary is not going to go there.  We still have 59 games left on the schedule.  We are making trades.  Let’s see if we make a major trade in the next day or so. Alex Bregman is doing a rehab assignment.  We will see. 

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