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How many people have to die of COVID-19 in Texas and the USA before folks realize the personal responsibility thing doesn’t work?  Folks like Donald Trump and Gov. Greg Abbott botched the handling of the pandemic starting a year and a half ago. They both got scared and caved.  

Abbott took away local control on mask mandates and now look where we are.  There is a meaner COVID virus out there and is a lot more deadly and dangerous.  It spreads easier and even if you are vaccinated you can still catch it and spread it.  Going the personal responsibility route isn’t going to cut it. We should have mandated masks and the vaccine, and we’d have been done a few months ago. 

I would like to think that I will continue to hunker down and wait until more folks get the vaccine, the virus takes down the rest of the dumbarses and things will return to normal.  That’s probably not going to happen.  We could see a mutated version of the current Delta variant thanks to so-called personal responsibility. 

The Chron’s Erica Grieder has a column today on sort of the same stuff and here are parts: 

But what’s also worrisome is that we’re heading into the next phase of this pandemic without clear state leadership — and, indeed, with state leaders who have indefensibly tied the hands of local officials. 

Abbott has seemed more interested in bullying local officials than working with them, eager to declare victory and reopen the state even when medical professionals said it was way too early to do so. 

Remember this Abbott declaration from an April 2020 press conference: “We have demonstrated that we can corral the coronavirus.” 

It was apparent long ago that his triumphalism was misplaced, but now, the consequences of this hubris are coming to the fore. As COVID-19 has begun spreading through red states where governors forbade mask mandates and even mocked them, Republican governors are starting to change their tone. Even Abbott. 

“The #COVID19 vaccine is safe, effective, and your best defense against the virus. Don’t wait – get vaccinated today!” Abbott tweeted Friday, without adding his customary caveat: “Always voluntary, never forced.” 

Abbott and peers such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a fellow Republican, have apparently realized they may face consequences as a result of this preventable fourth wave — at the ballot box, if nowhere else. 

Their push for vaccinations is late but welcome nonetheless. Still, it may be insufficient, with the Delta variant now circulating widely across the state and in the Houston area. 

And that raises the question: What is Abbott’s plan for the Delta variant in Texas? Does he have one? It apparently doesn’t include allowing local school officials to make the best decisions for their respective students when it comes to requiring masks, even though children under age 12 are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. 

“The time for government mask mandates is over — now is the time for personal responsibility,” Abbott tweeted on his personal Twitter feed on Tuesday. “In May, I signed an executive order prohibiting mask mandates by gov’t entities. Every Texan has the right to choose whether they will wear a mask or have their children wear masks.” 

We shouldn’t expect Abbott to stop playing to his base and start following the science, at this point. But the governor should definitely stop standing in the way of Texans who choose to do so. Would that be too much to ask? 

Here is her entire column: Grieder: Does Gov. Abbott have a plan for the Delta variant other than tying local officials’ hands? (houstonchronicle.com). 

That was very strong testimony yesterday at the January 6 hearing.  The GOP looked stupid and cowardly.

We won last night and have a six-game lead. 

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