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George P got the P last night. As in punkarsed by Donald Trump. That’s hilarious. He’s had a bad rollout.  He botched the handout of the billion dollar Hurricane Harvey grant dollars.  He got ripped Sunday by the Chron/Trib for letting vets die from COVID in GLO run vet retirement homes. His brownnose Trump koozie was trending last night.  Well, deserved.   

I don’t know why he thought he would get Trump’s endorsement.  Jeb is still his daddy 

State Rep. Jim Murphy tweeted this, whatever the heck it means: 

Due to the work we did on healthcare this past session, Texas is a model for conservative health care reform. Thank you Speaker  @DadePhelan for your leadership on this issue. #txlege 

We have one of the lousiest health insurance covered populations and he wants to celebrate this? Knucklehead. 

In 1992, when Bush 41 was president, the GOP decided to hold the 1992 Republican National Convention at the Astrodome. You know, to showcase 41’s hometown and get him a boost.  In order to prepare the Dome for a convention, the Astros would have to be on the road like for four weeks.   

Twenty-nine years ago today, the Astros embarked on the roadie of all roadies.  They traveled to The ATL, then to Cincinnati, LA, San Diego, San Francisco and Chicago.  Then they came home to do their laundry and went back out to San Luis and Philly and then came home. 26 games and 2 days off. 

Art Howe was our Skipper and we had players like Biggio, Baggy, and Caminiti. 

I happened to run across a poster commemorating the trip. 

Fix the gridiron.  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick tweeted this last night: 

With the announcement by UT today, & possible SEC invitation this week, I asked  @SenJaneNelson to chair a new Select Committee on the Future of College Sports in Texas, to study the athletic & economic impact to TX schools & communities by UT’s exit. Hearing will be 8/2 #txlege 

Commentary is always learning stuff.  My new ride came with a three-month trial  subscription to SiriusXM. I went online and to see if I could get them not to charge me for my subscription for my old ride.  I was able to, and they set me up to start charging me once my trial subscription was done – sometime in October.  In the process, I learned that my radio had an ID number. I did not know that. 

We jumped to a 7-zip lead last night and lost 11-8. Go figure. 

Wear your mask. 

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