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Rinky-dink 12

Yesterday was green bin day.  My green bin is still sitting by the street waiting to get picked up. Go on ahead and raise my waters rates, please. 

I will give a take today on college sports because of politics. 

When the Southwest Conference disbanded, the UH Coogs were left out in the cold.  They are still out in the cold.  None of the super conferences have ever extended an invitation to join. 

Southwest Conference members A&M, Baylor, Tech and UT went to the Big 12.  Rice, SMU, TCU and UH were shut out. 

TCU eventually got into the Big 12.  A&M left and went to the SEC. 

Now word is that OU and UT want to skip out of the Big 12 and join the SEC. GOP legislators with ties to Baylor, Tech and TCU are up in arms.  They are visualizing a rinky-dink Big 12. 

Fellas, settle down.  Let those big boys leave and replace them with UH and maybe Tulane. It will all work out. After all, Baylor and UH just made the Final Four.   

It doesn’t have to be a rinky-dink 12. 

These legislators also have to be called out for being hypocrites after all the disdain they have shown for Austin. 

That’s funny. 

Commentary is watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies this morning and all the athletes are masked up.  That’s all you need to know. 

I dropped by my neighborhood dive last night. It is three blocks from my crib.  A bunch of bikers were there. I sat by myself at the far end of the place.  I didn’t know if they were vaccinated. 

In MLB news, next season Cleveland will be called the Guardians.  Good news for sure. 

The Astros and Rangers for three at The Yard this weekend.  

Let the games begin. 

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